About Us

The West Valley Missionary Church has been in existence since 1935 serving the West Valley community of Yakima, Washington.

The Pacific Conference of the Mennonite Brethren in Christ Church, as we were known in those days, held revival meetings in the Harwood area (West Valley) in both 1933 and 1934.  Rev. A. G. Herman was the pastor of our Yakima Church and he along with the young people began conducting services in a dance hall in Harwood.  The services were first conducted as a community church, but during the pastorate of Stephen and Nellie Holeman, who came in 1934 as the first resident pastor, organized it as one of our churches in 1935. A church was built in 1937 at a value of $377.00. The missions offering that first year was $5.60.

Old Church

We are part of the Northwest Region of Missionary Church, Inc. based in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Click here for more information on the Missionary Church, Inc.

We are a small church in a rural area of Yakima.

We have solid and established bible-based ministries to children, youth and adults.

Here is a historical list of pastors for our church:

Harold Johnson
1937 – 1940
G. A. Fallness
M. D. Lynn
Mr. Crapuchette
Joseph Hughes
Claude Barrett
1946 – 1947
J. K. Myers
1948 – July of 1953
Don L. Mikel
July of 1953 – July of 1958
C.H. “Wes” Hunsburger
1958 – 1960
Harley C. Dyck
December of 1960 – April 1978 (17 yr. 4 mo)
Ernest J. Batten
April of 1978 – April of 1990
Ronald C. Smith
August of 1990 – February of 1997
Ernest J. Batten (interim)
February of 1997 – October of 1998
James J. Merillat
October of 1998 – April 2020
Dan Rogers
September of 2020 – Present